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The roof of an institutional building must be as solid as the building it protects. Beyond protection, a roof must project the image of the foundation that your building is based upon.

For a new install or maintenance on the roof that makes a statement about your building, Durable Roofing Company is your trusted institutional roofing contractor.

With close to a century of industry service, Durable Roofing Company is your trusted provider for institutional roofing maintenance, repair, or replacement in Chicago and throughout the midwest. We will provide an honest assessment of your roof to make sure you get what you want as the customer.

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Concerned About the Safety or Quality of Your Institution’s Roof?

Over the course of a century, Durable Roofing Co. has seen it all. We have been a trusted roofing contractor for many schools, municipalities, and religious buildings throughout the Chicago area. Listed below you will see some of the common problems that we have repaired.

Whether you see your problem listed below, or are experiencing a different issue, you can feel confident contacting Durable Roofing Co. We will provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Large, institutional buildings are known for being ideal places for water collection. A flat roof or one with improper pitch will not allow proper drainage of moisture. This will cause a rapid breakdown of roofing materials if not corrected.

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Many institutional buildings may experience sealing materials that pull away from the roof flashing over time. This can lead to a moisture collection pocket that can promote mold growth or leaks. Proper maintenance will solve this issue.

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Many institutional buildings have built-up roofs consisting of multiple layers of asphalt or tar. Long term exposure can cause the layers to expand and contract, leading to blistering. These blisters easily trap moisture and debris and lead to bigger problems down the road.

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The Durable Difference

As the authoritative roofing contractor in the Midwest, we can help your institutional building look its best at all times. We can provide manufacturer warranties and guarantees along with the certification to back them up. Whether your building is governmental, public works, or educational we can provide a maintenance or repair plan that will fit into your budget and provide years of trust in your structure. We specialize in large structures with an eye towards design. We will provide the form and function that you expect in your roofing system.

Our materials and craftsmanship are second to none in the Chicago and outlying areas. Since 1917, we have become known as the roofing contractors that will get the job done right, on time, and on budget. Our staff is well-versed in all roofing concerns and will provide the answers you seek. We also specialize in unconventional roofing system repair and maintenance. We will provide you with the plan and foresight for your structure for years to come.

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