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Address Ice Dam Conditions with Durable Roofing

When snow falls and then melts, your roof is designed to drain the resulting water off.  What happens though when the snow melts and refreezes at the drainage point?  Unfortunately when the snow melts and refreezes it will cause ice dams to form.  These ice dams can cause very serious damage to your roof by pushing water into places on your roof it is not meant to go.  It’s important that the conditions that can cause ice dams (improper insulation, poor drainage, etc.) are addressed early on. Our team at Durable Roofing has great experience in this area of the marketplace and we’re here to help guide you and offer the ideal solution to your roofing issue.

Turn to Durable Roofing for:
  • Fast Response
    We know that the roof of your home is a significant structural element that must be protected at all times. Our team can quickly and effectively respond to roofing issues and ensure that your roof remains at the same temperature as the exterior air.
  • Experienced guidance
    Our years of experience within the roofing industry means that Durable Roofing has become a specialist for ice dam related challenges. We know the techniques to resolve issues with roof temperature control and drainage. We can respond adeptly to your unique requirements.
  • Repair and installation expertise
    Whether you need qualified repair or installation expertise for your ice-related issues, we can provide the ideal service as our team is experienced in both areas of the roofing industry. It’s a comprehensive service offering that has helped the company become a local market leader.

The experts here at Durable Roofing are now ready to respond to your ice dam related issues. To learn more on the company and our services, click here or call us today!

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