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Roofs need constant maintenance. Be sure to take a look at your roof. Are your Shingles curling? Are they buckling under? Warped and bent shingles are signals to look out for. When noticing these signs, it might be time to call roofing services for repairs. . Most roofing contractors recommend services three years after initial installation.
Areas of your roof that endure heavy sun, wind, and rain exposure have a shorter life expectancy. Weathered patches are the first in need of repair. Depending on the slope and angle of your roof, storms and heavy winds can catch corners, damage or completely remove water resistant coverings. It is important to get these areas fixed. Leaks can form in unprotected areas, seep into your walls and cause irreversible water spots and furniture damage.
Don’t let leaks form! Keep your roof in top rate condition. Tinley Park roofing companies can prevent problems and save you from spending more money later. Services offered by roofers include new roof installation, roof material removal, patch repairs and more. Roofing Contractors in Tinley Park use quality, long lasting, durable materials to keep the water out. Roofing companies use weather resistant substances like tar, asphalt, gravel, rubber, thermoplastic, metal, or shingles to protect your home from wear and tear. A licensed roofing contractor can work with your insurance company to determine rates.
Home renovations or restorations are made complete with roofs to top them off. While interior appeal is important, we at Durable Roofing Co also recognize the importance of curb appeal. Buying new furniture, new countertops, and new flooring are great way to revitalize a home. However, no amount of paint will stop a water stain from reforming. No room redesigns will protect your home from mold or serious water damage. We offer a colorful selection of shingles and materials that enhance the appearance of your existing siding or your home’s exterior. Are you renovating or restoring a home over 25 years old? Your insurance company may recommend a new roof anyway – homes of that age usually require some structural updates. Repairing old roofs not only can lower insurance rates, but can also improve overall ventilation in your home. Roofing companies will work around existing chimneys and structures to create the look you desire. A new roof is another way to renovate while increasing the equity and durability of your home.

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Located in Tinley Park, Durable Roofing Co. fixes, repairs, and prevents roof damage. As a roofing contractor, clients receive quality service. We can take a look at your roof, identify problem areas and come up with the best solution for your home.  Our clients receive a variety of services and can choose between a large selection of durable roofing options. Ask us about our roofing materials. We can help you choose the right shingle for your home.  We can work with you whether you are simply looking for patch repairs, old shingle removal, or a complete roof makeover. Take a look at how we insulate and water proof your home. Our techniques while constructing, removing, or repairing roofs will leave you feeling secure and safe in your home. Be sure to schedule an inspection and learn about our superior customer service. Tinley Park clients can expect a commitment to communication in the duration of their roofing repair. We can answer questions and keep you in the loop as your project progresses. Both smaller and larger scale projects receive the attention they deserve. Whether your roof has a low slope, a steep slope, or a combination of the two you can count on us for quality results.

Avoid inexperienced contractors and construction. Poor roof construction means needing more repairs sooner costing customers a pretty penny. For your roof-related needs, why not go for the best roofing contractor?  As a reputable roofing contractor with over a century of experience, we offer craftsmanship and dependability. For an example of our work simply turn your gaze to the roofs of Tinley Park’s Bank of America and Walgreens. Get your roofing services worry-free through Durable Roofing Co. Allow us to build a relationship with you.

No matter what service your roof requires, we will provide excellent results. Visit or call Durable Roofing Co for prime roof protection with low-cost rates. Contact us for a more comprehensive list of our services.


Your roof needs your constant attention. Two-thirds of all newly-installed roofs shows signs of problems within the first three years of installment. This is inevitable, no matter what the materials used are. Still, it pays to invest a roofing contractor that can source the best materials for you. Also, maintenance and repairs will save you a lot of money in the long run. By investing a little amount on these, you spare your pricey furniture from damages. As the roof protects everything below, you protect everything by protecting your roof.

tinley-park-illinois-mapWe at Durable Roofing Co. in Tinley Park can help you solve your roof-related problems. From construction to restoration, no matter what the size of the project is, we provide excellent services at competitive prices. Because we have been in the business for more than a century, we know the common problems and how to address them.

Our expertise and our century-long worth of experience are not the reason we constantly land contracts. We take these two things together by applying our craftsmanship after we have carefully examined your roof. Aside from that, we also maintain communications with the clients throughout the duration of the project. What we build are more than roofs. We build relationships and worry-free living.

We at Durable Roofing Co. in Tinley Park can prove our quality of service to you by simply looking at the Bank of America and Walgreens. They have chosen us because we offer the best combination of price and service. For your roof-related needs, why go for the best roofing contractor? Allow us to build a relationship with you. Contact us now and we’ll see how we can be of service.

People usually focus on beautification of their homes by buying new furniture, taking care of the garden, and regular cleaning of the interior. Yes, these are all important, but aren’t they missing something? The roof! Just think what it would be like living without a roof over your head. It’s almost like not having a house at all, right?   Don’t hire a cut-rate roofer, call us first and save yourself the headaches.