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Three Signs You Need New Roof Shingles | Durable Roofing

It is important to inspect your roof regularly, to prevent damage and call a professional contractor when repairs are needed. However, no matter how well a roof is maintained, it will eventually need to be replaced.

The experts at Durable Roofing have put together a list of three important signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

  1. Cracked, curled or missing roof shingles

Weather can take a toll on a roof over time. If the shingles on your roof are beginning to curl, this may be due to the effects of sun damage, or excess moisture trapped in your roof. Damaged or missing roof shingles give way for leaks to occur, putting the interior of the building at risk. Although individual roof shingles can be replaced; if you notice any damaged shingles, it may be time to call a contractor for a roof replacement.

  1. Signs of aging

If your roof is over 20 years old, the materials may begin to fail you, and it is, therefore, important to stay on top of maintenance and inspections. A good indication that your roof is reaching its expiration date is if you notice neighboring homes beginning to have their roofs replaced. Homeowners should take note of this as residential buildings are often built around the same time in one area, using similar materials and of course, facing the same environmental conditions.

  1. Moss and algae

If you notice natural elements such as moss or algae appearing on your roof, your roof shingles may be at risk of wearing down at a faster rate than others. Algae can grow between roof shingles in moist environments, meaning your roof will not only hold on to moisture, risking water damage; but it will also be prone to damage if the moss freezes as the weather turns, cracking the shingles. It is common for homeowners who notice dark algae streaks on their roof to simply hose it down regularly to keep their roof looking clean and polished. If homeowners are not careful while cleaning their roofs, shingles can be damaged, which will eventually lead to leaks inside the home.

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