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Four Ways to Prevent Damage from Wind Uplift | Durable Roofing

Wind uplift occurs when the roof of your building faces extreme wind conditions, causing air to enter the building and push upwards against the inside of your roof. When conditions become too severe, the roof of your building can begin to tear at the seams.

We’ve provided some great ways that you can prevent damage caused by wind uplift.

  1. Identify the amount of wind that your roof can withstand

When a contractor installs or performs major repairs on a roof, the amount of wind that the structure can safely endure, or the ‘wind load’ should be well defined. The structure and materials that are considered safe for a roof will vary depending on the local weather conditions, and the height of the building along with other factors specific to the structure.

  1. Ensure the appropriate adhesives are used on your roof

Roofing contractors and manufacturers have various options for the adhesives they use to seal the materials on your roof. Your roof will be more susceptible to damage caused by wind uplift if the correct adhesives are not used. When cracking occurs on your roof due to weak adhesives, it will be prone to damage from water and other outside materials seeping into the building.

  1. Using quality materials

The strength of your roof is only as good as the materials used to build it. Before hiring a contractor or manufacturer to install or repair your roof, do your own research on the materials that they use to build and seal the roof so that you have the best protection against wind uplift.

  1. Have your roof inspected according to environmental conditions

When maintaining a roof, it is important to be mindful of the changing weather conditions in your area. The taller the building, the more susceptible it may be to harsh winds, rain and snow. If your building is positioned along a coastline, or in highly variable weather conditions, you may need to have your roof inspected more often to ensure that wind uplift does not wear down your roof over time.

Durable Roofing Can Protect Your Roof Against Wind Uplift

Our team at Durable Roofing know the value of using quality materials to repair and seal your roof, as well as the importance of thorough safety inspections. Contact us today at (708) 371-7663 to speak to a member of our team and book a free consultation!

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