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Everything You Need to Know About Roof Blistering and Alligatoring - Durable Roofing

Roof blistering and alligatoring are two issues that you do not want to see on your roof. It is essential to be informed on roofing issues so that you know when it is time to call a professional.

Our experts at Durable Roofing have broken down the causes of blistering and alligatoring, and how to properly fix them.

Roof Blistering

Roof blistering issues arise when pockets of trapped air or moisture form on your roof. Blistering can cause water damage to your roof if left unattended, as well as posing a threat to the structure of your roof’s membrane.

When should you have roof blistering issues repaired?

  1. When the membrane of your roof appears to be cracking.

As heat from the sun slowly expands the pockets of air and moisture on your roof, it can cause the membrane to expand, and eventually crack. If you notice any cracking within your roof’s membrane, it may be time to have blistering issues resolved by a professional.

  1. When roof blistering occurs close to the flashings

The flashings on your roof are the metal strips, which seal the edges, preventing outside elements from coming inside the building. If you notice blistering issues occurring close to the flashings on your roof, this could lead to leakage and must be repaired immediately.

  1. When roof blistering issues occur where people walk

If people walk on various parts of your roof on a regular basis, it is important to maintain these areas so that the impact does not cause damage to the structure. If blisters arise in an area where people often walk, these issues must be repaired immediately.

  1. When material sheds off the blistered areas on your roof

If you notice roofing material wearing off of the blisters on your roof, this means that these pockets could open, possibly leading to serious water damage.


Alligatoring is the process of cracking that occurs on your roof due to changing weather conditions. Issues with alligatoring will only worsen over time if they are not repaired by a professional contractor.

If alligatoring occurs, your contractor will either add a new layer of coating to the roof, to seal cracks and prevent further damage, or replace the roof entirely if the damage has been left for too long.

Durable Roofing Can Help

Are you concerned about blistering or alligatoring issues on your roof? Call the experts at Durable Roofing today at (708) 371-7663 to get a free consultation!

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