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Commercial Roof Damage: 4 Signs You Need Repair

With the cold weather fast approaching, it is the perfect time for business owners to start preparing their commercial roofs for adverse weather conditions and prevent potential damages. Business owners who wish to keep a well-maintained commercial roof will reap the most benefits from scheduling regular professional inspections; however, it is always useful to know the signs of roof damage to look out for in order to inform your contractor and stay on top of repairs.

The experts at Durable Roofing have listed the top four signs that your commercial roof is damaged and in urgent need of repair.

  1. The flashings are not intact

The flashings on a commercial roof are the long metal pieces that seal the edges and protect the building by preventing outside elements such as water or dirt from seeping in. Damage to the flashings on your roof can lead to leaks, which will eventually compromise the interior of the structure.

  1. Signs of water entering the building

Serious damage to the roof of a commercial building can often lead to openings, which allow water to leak through the ceilings. Water leaks will eventually cause mold and weakened material in the ceilings. Visible damage to the inside of your commercial building must be repaired by a professional immediately, as it indicates serious damage that has already taken place, compromising the structure of your commercial roof.

  1. Standing water after a rainstorm

The days following heavy rainfall provide commercial building owners an opportunity to inspect the rate at which water drains and evaporates from the roof. If water remains standing for a long period after a storm, this could mean that there is damage to the drainage system within the roof. Drainage systems should be repaired before further rainfall occurs, causing potential water damage.

  1. Visible damage to roofing materials

Although the natural elements are expected to wear at your roofing materials over time, obvious signs of damage such as blistering or cracking should not be ignored. Blistering can mean that pockets of water or air are forming, allowing expansion, breakage, and excess moisture to occur.

Durable Roofing Can Handle All Commercial Roof Damage

Have you noticed any of these signs of damage to your commercial roof? The roofing specialists at Durable Roofing are here to answer all of your questions. Call us today at (708) 371-7663 to book a free consultation!

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