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August 2019 - Durable Roofing

3 Signs That You Need New Roof Shingles

It is important to inspect your roof regularly, to prevent damage and call a professional contractor when repairs are needed. However, no matter how well a roof is maintained, it will eventually need to be replaced. The experts at Durable Roofing have put together a list of three important signs that your roof needs to

4 Ways to Prevent Damage from Wind Uplift

Wind uplift occurs when the roof of your building faces extreme wind conditions, causing air to enter the building and push upwards against the inside of your roof. When conditions become too severe, the roof of your building can begin to tear at the seams. We’ve provided some great ways that you can prevent damage

Everything You Need to Know About Roof Blistering and Alligatoring

Roof blistering and alligatoring are two issues that you do not want to see on your roof. It is essential to be informed on roofing issues so that you know when it is time to call a professional. Our experts at Durable Roofing have broken down the causes of blistering and alligatoring, and how to

Roof Damage – Four Signs That Your Commercial Roof Needs Repairs

With the cold weather fast approaching, it is the perfect time for business owners to start preparing their commercial roofs for adverse weather conditions and prevent potential damages. Business owners who wish to keep a well-maintained commercial roof will reap the most benefits from scheduling regular professional inspections; however, it is always useful to know