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How to Deal with Roof Leaks | Emergency Roof Replacement in Chicago

A leaky roof can be a frightening thing for homeowners, as it can lead to major damage and costly repairs. While you will need a professional roofing contractor in Chicago, there are a few things that you can do while you wait for an emergency roof replacement.

The following are a few ways to combat a surprise leak in your roof before having it professionally fixed:

Investigate damage inside the home

At the first sign of a leaky roof, it is important to tackle the water inside the home to prevent further damage. Homeowners may find water pooling in their attic or dripping from their ceiling. Using a bucket to collect the water will ensure your floor is safe from water damage. If you notice water forming a bubble in your ceiling, it is important to drain it by piercing it with a sharp object as soon as possible. This will help to protect the inside of your home so that you do not need any emergency repairs beyond a roof replacement.

Find the source of the problem

When water starts to collect inside the home, homeowners in Chicago often assume that a leak in the roof is the culprit, and immediately call for an emergency roof replacement when it could be a variety of other things. The water coming from your ceiling may be caused by faulty heating or cooling systems, plumbing or other factors. Starting from where the leak appears to be coming from, homeowners may be able to find the source by climbing to the attic of the house and looking for a path of water running towards this point.

Use tarp to cover the problem area on your roof

Wearing proper attire for the rain and shoes with a very good grip, homeowners can climb on to their roof using extreme precaution and cover the damaged area with a tarp. Covering the ridge of your roof and nailing the tarp to wooden boards will prevent rain from running under the tarp and trickling into your home. One must keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution to be used in an emergency and cannot replace a professional roof replacement.

Call for Professional Roofing Services from Durable Roofing

When it comes to roofing, homeowners should always seek out professional service to make sure the problem does not worsen. If you have a leaky roof or require an emergency roof replacement in Chicago, Durable Roofing has you covered. Call us at 708-371-7663 for all your roofing needs!


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