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April 2019 - Durable Roofing

Durable Roofing and Versico Team Up On Commercial Roofing Tax Benefits!

Durable Roofing Tax Reform Flyer 2019 Need a New Roof?  √ Want to improve your energy efficiency? √ Want to Save Money? √ Not Sure How To Make This Happen? √ Durable Roofing Can Help √ With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, businesses were enabled to expense the cost of a new roof immediately for up

Understanding Your Options When Choosing a Flat Roof for Your Business

There are numerous areas where commercial roofs differ from residential roofs, but one of the most important is their shape.  Commercial roofs are usually flat, or very nearly so, unlike the steep slopes associated with most residential properties.  This causes commercial roofs to be entirely unlike residential roofs, in terms of both usage and construction.