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Ensure Chicago Roofing Contractors Prepare Your Home for Winter

With the weather getting colder at this time of year, many homeowners are now finding that their property requires winter maintenance. Our Chicago roofing contractors at Durable Roofing Company have decades of experience offering comprehensive services for the winter season. As experts in winter roofing maintenance, we’d like to explain some of the more common challenges you might experience this winter, as well as the signs and symptoms associated with these issues.

The risk of roof damage in cold weather

The risk of damage to your roof rises considerably during colder weather, as roofing materials can change shape quickly when temperatures dip. This can lead towater freezing in gutters on low-sloped roofs and increase the risk of ice dams, which can create leaks, mold problems, and structural damage. Another consideration during the cool winter season is the increased chance of high winds that can cause old shingles to be blown from the roof.

How roofing contractors can help

Now that you have a little more information about how wintery weather impacts the roof, it’s time to call your local Chicago roofing contractors. Roofing contractors will offer the following services to help safeguard your home throughout the winter season:

  • Roofing inspections

The first step in the maintenance process will be for their team to complete a roof inspection. The company will look for cracked tiles, water pooling, and other signs of roof damage.

  • Tile replacements

In cases where tiles have been cracked, the roofing repair team will replace them and ensure your home structure is secured.

  • Gutter repairs

Any gutter issues can be repaired prior to the winter season by your local Chicago roofing contractors. Their team will fix cracked gutters and remove and replace broken systems to allow for optimal water flow and protect your foundation.

Turning to our qualified team at Company can help you save money on roofing repairs in the months ahead. Call us now for a home roofing inspection and take a proactive step to protect your home this winter.


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