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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Chicago Roofing Company

Working with a qualified roofing company can ensure your Chicago home is protected for the years to come. But many homeowners lack the experience in the roofing industry to make an effective decision. In this latest post, we’ll provide five questions you should ask when selecting your local Chicago roofing firm.

  1. Do you have liability insurance?

The most important thing to consider during your selection process is your liability and protecting your home. Make sure the company has comprehensive liability insurance.

  1. What is the total cost of the project?

Make sure the company you select can provide you with a complete quote for the work involved. Ask them to provide you with a free consultation and have their team visit the property to assess the potential project. You can then make the call once you receive their quoted price.

  1. What is your experience in the industry?

Find out more about the company’s experience in the roofing industry. How much time have they spent in the local business marketplace? Are they able to prove their connections in the local community and can they provide you with references that will highlight their working experience and quality of workmanship?

  1. How long will the project take?

The project timeframe should be a leading consideration. Ask the company about their expectations in terms of timeframe and ensure that it fits within your objectives for the work on your property.

  1. Who will be working on the home?

The people working on your property should be highly skilled and able to communicate with you about project progress. Make sure you know the details about the team working on your home and have a point of contact for questions regarding the working process.

Our team at Durable Roofing can help guide you in resolving your home roofing issues. To discover more about our Chicago roofing team and their experience throughout the city, please call us today for your consultation.



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