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Most Common Reasons For Roof Damage And Repair | Durable Roofing

It’s easy to assume that the only possible cause of damage to roofs is a storm. Seasonal changes do have the potential to damage a roof, of course, but roof repair is sometimes necessary for a number of other reasons. There are all kinds of things that can cause damage without your knowledge, so understanding these can help when it comes to making decisions about roof repair.

Another thing to keep in mind is that roof damage can take a number of forms, so it is important to look for signs. If the flashing that connects chimneys and vents to the roof is missing, for instance, that is a sign of damage. Check the shingles too, because they may need to be changed if they lose grains or if they are curling, missing or lifting.

Causes of roof damage

Here are some of the most common causes of damage to the roof, all of which may require the help of a roof repair professional.

Age of the roof: The older the roof, the lesser its ability to resist severe weather. Shingles and nails loosen over time and lose their ability to face wind and water. Flashing that connects a roof to chimneys and other fixtures along the roof can also wear down and break over time.

Damage from water: Shingles protect a roof from water damage because, if water works its way past them, it can cause the layers beneath to rot and then cause leaks. Moss can make this problem worse because it grows between shingles and collects water. When the water freezes and refreezes, depending on the weather, it weakens the shingles and flashing.

Damage caused by animals: A number of small creatures like squirrels can weaken roof shingles by walking on them or by creating small openings in order to nest in attics.

Hail damage: Hail can fall either as pellets or softballs, but can do anything from knock shingles loose to make holes in a roof. Large hail can be more destructive, especially if it happens to fall on a roof that is older.

Wind damage: Wind can loosen nails and lift shingles over a period of time. As it picks up, it can also carry objects or cause tree limbs to scrape up against a roof, loosening its shingles in the process.

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